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The Cattery : Presentation

The Cattery of the Manoir d'Anjou,
Amateur breeders of Holy Burmese and British Longhair in a family environment.
We got our agreement in 2018.

We breed Holy Burmese and Persians since 1997. In 2007 we stop with Persians and in 2010 we bought our first British Longhair.

Our aim is to maintain the homely atmosphere of our cattery.

We have only 6 cats: 2 breeders, 3 elderly non-breeders and one boy. All of them are treated as part of the family.

Each kitten is cared for and brought up so that it becomes a friendly and enjoyable companion. Before being separated from his mother, we make sure that it is house-trained and independent. he will have been examined by a vet, treated for worms and vaccinated (typhus, choriza). His new owner will be provided with a guarantee and a pedigree along with photos documenting its birth and early development with hismother, brothers and sisters. A booklet detailing how to feed and look after your kitten will also be provided.

While your kitten is settling into its new home, we will always be available for further information and advice.